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Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

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Likewise, the man suspicious of every male you know and what you do is more than likely a cheater. Sex against doors.

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One of islnad first pornos I saw was Saddle Tramps 2 with Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Sommers Ladies looking nsa Perry Utah the scene that got me off hundreds of tims was the 2 guys in the last scene. Don't know their names though, A blonde and dark haired guy. Is Les still around and does anyone know his real name? I'd been attracted to other gentleamn in porn, mostly straight porn genteman a teen, but the first time I saw Lukas I thought he was perfect and I still do.

Rex Chandler back in when I was coming out. Geet All-American strapping blond. He reminded me of the boy I had a crush on in 8th grade, but all grown up and naked. Not a clue about Looming - I know Gianfranco turned into a hot big muscle chiropractor daddy under his real name in WeHo and last I heard, Ken was schilling for some lube company? When he first came to LA, before he started doing videos, he Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 by "Mr.

Wonderful," which I guess was his stripper name back home. The wiki bio didn't say he was gay, just that he performed -- didn't even mention that other big muscular black guy he was with for years, so I'm wondering if he's been "reborn" not only in Christ but as straight now?

There was a scandal years ago regarding Bobby Blake. The organization provided services for black AIDS patients.

Turns out the Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 was an office party being held for the sole purpose of having Bobby strip for a few horny office workers. Never cared much for porn stars, but I always liked the musclebear named Tom Howard real name: Chris Welchwho modelled for Colt in the late 90s.

You don't really see that type anymore. Back in the early '80s, Kansas City still had an adult theater on Troost that showed gay movies. I remember going as a newbie and being amazed that guys were openly having sex there in the theater! The movie playing was "Al Parker is Wanted" and he became a favorite of mine.

Snuck into porn palaces as a teen and jacked off to loops of him. I'd've drunk his bath water. Scott Baldwin, as a teenager coming in terms with myself wanting men to do what they did to him in films.

Ken Ryker, lame I know, but I wanted him to do it with me. I loved his hairy chest and I love hairy chests today. Whatever happened to Paul Morgan? Except for his bad dye job, I thought he was a sexy pocket Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 R - you asked about a group scene in a barn where guys taught the new guy the lesson. I think you may be thinking of 'Spokes'. They were cyclists, not slaves and it is one of my favourite pornos. R, Paul Morgan was never gay.

He was openly bisexual, but mostly into women as per his own admission. He worked frequently with the also delicious Paul Carrigan, who also said he was bisexual, even though he later on claimed to be straighter than an arrow. I don't know what happened to him, but for most of his career he was ANYWHERE where they would give him work, which means that he did some pretty tawdry, shabby-looking stuff even though he never barebacked.

That scene and Brian's thick dick plowing Fuck ladies 33417 mechanic's ass gave me an auto mechanic fetish that lasted for a few years, though none of the mechanics I got with were as hot as Brian Hawkes. His Free sex Broadway md with Lane Fuller was one of the first gay clips I downloaded on Kazza [remember that torrent site?

He was so buff, cocky, and had such a big dick. There was a clip from 3 Brothers that I came across around the same time Housewives seeking real sex Lake Lure North Carolina Anthony Gallo and one of the Rockland brothers. There was something so sleazy and awesome about it. That really turned me on. Chad Douglas was by all accounts Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 big nelly bottom IRL.

Supposedly he was very squeamish about Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 and needed help with "fluffing" his bottoms. R 'Full filled' was a porn classic, loved the way Tom Chase dominated Fuller as he was leaving the bathroom. The Madsen scene is memorable as it was the first porn video I ever downloaded via dial-up modem. In it Madsen takes a shower Fuck buddy Caddo Valley oh then rubs one out in front of a mirror while humping a bed.

The scene still holds up today. Both actors were gay, both were into eachother, and both enjoyed the sex a lot. It may have been Landon's first time with another guy as well. Jack Wrangled in the early 80's I remember getting my hands on a magazine when I was a senior in high school that had Ken Ryker on the cover. I fell in love There was an ad for one of his videos in the magazine. Well, imagine my disappointment when I actually saw him in action.

No personality, lethargic fucking, limp dick. You're actually discouraging more men from participating in homosexuality? Are you fucking stupid? Porn is a professional service and you shouldn't discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation. Jeff Stryker's first couple of videos.

I Ready People To Fuck Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

I mean, I was 19, The one where he fs that guy in jail on the bottom bunk? Yah, that did it for me. Other thing about Stryker is he talked so dirty. Hardly Naughty wants nsa Appleton does it as well as Jeff.

Funny thing in real life I'm not much into dirty talk. Jeff always made it exciting and HOT. Later with the guy-liner and stuff AND I actually met him umpteen years Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 at a Halloween party in the hills.

He was with his "manager" and poor Jeff was completely out of it. I have no idea what was up with him but he was out of it big time. I did speak to him for a bit and thanked him for some of these classic scenes we have.

I don't think I used the word classic with him there. I used to like the really muscular guys but they really can't move around that much during sex. He was not only buff and goodlooking, he was so wholesome and clean.

He showed me that there are bi and gay dudes who are normal and mainstream, Girls looking for Kilburn cocks sickos or sleazy creeps.

Chris Stone in True Confession. Some of my first exposure to gay porn. Saw him strip live at a small club in MA - he was really, really wasted, and tried to pick up a buddy Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 mine. Real burst-bubble moment for me.

So hot, and the poppers scene is such a turn on. This scene penetrated me to the hilt, pun thoroughly intended. I was 19 then. Jacqueline Lovell, also known early in her career as Sarah St.

First time I got off to a woman was seeing her in Lolita She has the works--glowing skin, sparkling eyes, soft sexy flowing hair, cheeky grin, smooth toned body, engaging and light but sultry voice.

I Am Searching Swinger Couples Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500

It was a lot to process as a confused teen. She was in a lot of Charles Band's stuff the dad of the lead singer of The Calling, Alex Band, who I have heard tell is bi himself, no Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 though. I believe Jacqui switched genre in the Millenium and works as a legit actress now, she has an interesting blog about the prejudice she encountered making the switch from erotica to straight tv.

Go look it up, it's an interesting read. Way to spoil the mood, R Isn't there some lesbian site where pics like that would actually be appreciated? Whoa, geez, take a chill pill, R Wasn't it William Cowper that said 'variety is the spice of life', back in the 's? He's a fountainhead of good advice, total player who'd bang a new trick weekly, badass for the time.

People are people--weren't we discussing hotness and profession, not gender? Maybe it will do you or someone other person exclusively into men to have a shock to the system every once and again, too. I was convinced beyond Rockwell city IA milf personals of a doubt I'd never look at a woman sexually until I was 16 or so.

Some people realise that at 21, 29, 37, Please nurture your innate human tolerance with a little more warmth. Communication across borders is a wonderful thing, I don't see a reason to sour it. You clearly have a lot of vivacity, that's a great trait don't waste it flaring up at those you've never known. Ok, off the soapbox now, school's out. Sorry if I trespassed in your eyes, guy. Here's a picture of the dude I mentioned above, Alex, just for you.

He's not a pornstar but was considered a hot twink for five seconds in I'm not anxious for your forgiveness, but I like to spread reciprocal understanding and harmony so, consider it a peace offering, ok? Dick Fisk was so beautiful. I was so young and I literally was in love with him. He was like a dream. I cannot believe how long ago, life sorta disappeared on me. Met him once after he did a show and he was very nice to this,then skinny twink, who was Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 like a silly school girl.

He came onto me and I Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 SO tempted I was so scared of aids though, so we just sat next to each other as the porn played in a side room at the Show Palace in gloriously seedy old Times Square. I was right to be scared, years later I found he did have aids and he died just a few years later. I only saw six porn movies before I was 35 and its not because I was not fucking lots of fine ass.

I just wasn't into porn. In the last few years I gave in to watching Sexy nudes Belton Missouri porn because I am only in one guy now.

Situata in inima celui mai mare muzeu al satului romanesc, Cârciuma din Bãtrâni pãstreazã in zidurile ei zâmbetele curate ale bãtrânilor nostri dragi. Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments. Week 1 Stories Dominator's Story. Total Drama Action Episode Miracle on Drama Street. The Killer Grips, minus Courtney, and Screaming Gaffers, minus LeShawna, all .

So small fine smooth ass Tony Bravo is still the only porn performer I think about pounding my babies deep up in. I have a huge impression to make on him!! Hothie is he's full on dead, so he is gonna have to come find me. Boy would be old now yeah? My hub boy has a finer Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 anyway and its in my bed.

I have fucked two real porn stars, but Rhde didn't know that was there gig at the time of Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 dill. One is big boy star now, hot whore in his field. I went way too easy on him - didn't know he could handle all that. A John Davenport tidbit from agent David Forest. David pimped out John for years lookin somewhere along the way, John got to working for himself, cutting David out of some commission money.

He would book tricks on his own and keep the money he made from them. David wrote that he and John were always arguing over sneaky stuff that John would pull and they would wind Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 not talking to gentlenan other. The way John apologized and broke the ice between them was to walk up behind David as he was Crumpton MD housewives personals at his desk and flop his soft cock on David's shoulder and neck.

He looked like a real college football player. Very legitimately masculine and jockish. Marc Wallice and Francois Papillon. They did a threesome Newbiggin-by-the-Sea my friend and lover some chick in Rear Ended. Both were beautiful to me at the time. I always thought porn performers were more or less interchangeable until I stumbled across him Rhoed became a repeating fan.

I was at my Uncle's place and found his porn stash while he was working and it had some gay video mixed in. Yeah, and Free naughty chats rooms in Melrose was uncut, which was unusual in those days there wasn't a whole lot of non-US porn back then. David Alan Reis, aka 'Lance' was uncut.

Hilgeford died as a result of a motorcycle accident a few weeks later at age I just never saw a porn flick wil way, Adult match maker after his prime.

R, Erik Rhodes told a story about how when he shot a scene with Bruce, Bruce shit on him several times. Literally shit on him. He'd get gwntleman him, they'd go clean up and start filming again and he shit again.

Bruce was a mess. There's something about Jack Dillon's conservative,mid-western little side part that hit me like a brick to the face when I first saw him in a video. Rex Chandler didn't get hot for me until he did that pictorial for Men magazine back in the late 90s. I love that darker haired, 35yo look.

Rex Chandler was hot, but I can't stand performers who refuse to suck dick or do some at least minimal interaction with the other guy other than topping. Hottue worked for another studio before Lucas R, the scene was never Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 because they had to stop Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500, Erik walked off and Michael Lucas decided that Bruce didn't look good in the film Erik fet Michael both told this story on Derek and romaine.

Is that why he was released from Lucas? Ive heard he was a mess Another vote for Leo Ford here. There was just something about how he totally threw himself into his scenes that gentlemam did it for me. I wanted both to be him and to be his partner. Blond with jaw-dropping pecs and a great tan line on his butt. And like the good old days of porn, no tats. I know the first time was rough, but don't give up.

Genttleman stay away from dating porn stars, and doing meth, ok? A real masculine athletic jock bro who reminds me of my islans. No stereotypical hottoe or ways in this Alpha Male bro. And he is a real professional athlete! Giorgio Canelli and Lance.

Both have beautiful intact cocks. I was transfixed watching them while stroking my foreskin way back when. Matthew Rush and Colton Ford. Colton Ford's scene in Bringing out Brother got me off so many times. Chris Champion, a hot masculine Alpha Male with incredible eyes.

He is like the fantasy dude at the gym you wish you could talk to.

Single Housewives Want Fucking Dating Mobile

Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 I am not as old as some St Helsinki women of the night you, but genlteman enough. I avoided watching porn for the longest time. If it isn't me fucking it doesn't really interest me. But this black urban performer Addiction takes me there. He is a passionate top He delivers such intense dick downs and doesn't hide his ass love and sexy self assurance.

He sucks dick like her means it too. He is a small dick guy with a magic tongue and bullet loads of cum. He turns me on like crazy. I want to fuck him and be rimmed by him, share our loads. I am black 2, but bigger. If Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 like Ray or even just hairy,rugged, real and manly looking men I challenge you to get through this scene without exploding.

I'm a sucker for a hairy chest, ruggedly handsome, non-modely face ,a body that doesn't look as if it just walked out of an Equinox and a thick cock Delvin, and other colt models back in the seventies.

One of the first was Rob Cryston and before his leather porn era. He took cocks to his mouth and ass and I just knew I wanted to do the same. I was young and had no idea what top and bottom and versatile are. I was thrilled to see a super-hung guy get fucked, because I kept dating guys in college who were like that. I also liked getting fucked, but for some reason kept meeting guys who I could suck while fuck.

I must have been around 12 ofr 13 when I stumbled upon some old VHS tapes in the early 90's. I'm sure it was seeing John in all his hairy glory that made me love hairy men for the rest of my life. When a few high school buddies got stoned and we watched a Beta! Lovelace's oral technique, and soon grew to accomplish that oral act with great skill. There was no sex at the party, but all the guys had boners. One of the guys and myself were out as gay, and we endured some goodnatured tentleman, but again, no sex Generally not into twinks, but he was strikingly attractive, had a quiet sexual confidence about him Housewives seeking nsa CA Claremont 91711 made him fascinating and alluring to me.

Very sensual, affectionate - yet always a layer of reserve between he and his male companion. Here's a selection of videos -- my personal favorite hoftie his conquest with Shaun Ferrara.

Ted Colunga - Claims to be bi, but is obviously gay if you've ever watched him in a threeway. He's also pretending to be straight on "rough straight guys" now. Ryan Zane - such a hottie! I had a friend who met Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 and his partner at one of GayDays at Disney well after Ryan left porn - said Ryan was quite friendly, beefed up a bit muscle wise, and was still stunning.

Gianfranco - what I wouldn't have done with, to, for this guy! Apparently he's still hot, a chiropractor, and married to an Argentine diplomat now. Kent Larson - something about him always got me. Don't know what happened to him, where he wound up. Ken Ryker - more for his pics vs his vids where he wasn't the best, but in stills he is a sight to behold and enjoy!

Supposedly he went Quinn South Dakota whore cum slut gf wanted again some years back? Brian Adams -- I remember him, but loooking another name, no? He was Bbws looking for cock in Elizabeth hot and beautiful.

He never seemed comfortable with performing on film. But boy did I lust after him. Ever since I saw him gebtleman the gay room massage seduction videos I have never given up the fantasy of him seducing me that way after a sports injury!! Anyone know if he Bbw nurse com from Tampa Florida still active in the industry?

He's a real too naughty to resist daddy who is obsessed with sex and its a real turn on! I saw him the first time I went to LA. I was leaving Rage with some friends and Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 was walking in the opposite direction.

He checked me out as we passed and smiled. Lkoking said to my friends, "Is Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 who I think it is? Aiden Shaw was the name. I was a teen. It was the 80's He was my hero. Had the same tatt done same place. My family was horrified. Except for my grand-maman who was strangely excited.

Jake Corbin - He was the sexiest guy in porn - he danced at the old strip club on 8th avenue near 43rd street on the second floor. I adored him YET- when he sat next to me in the Rhde room and started caressing my leg, I refrained from having sex with him. This was in or he was born inI was born in - by far I was the youngest guy there. Anyway, he died in of AIDS and in those days before the internet I had no idea what happened to him until maybe 10 years later - especially since the studios kept releasing his scenes and photo shoots long after he died.

Peter North has gone on record that all of his gay films used "stunt asses" lloking special effects. It was all faked. Learning that kind of ruined some of his films for me.

Breck Orshal or Gabe from Corbin Fisher.

Sexy Mature

I never got into porn too much. Maybe watch 3 X a month to get off, but I stumbled on his pics and videos in High School and never forgot him. So many people in porn live tragic lives. The first two films I saw were Splash Shots 2 and Giants, and I sought those out because he was in them. I Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 thought of him as Casual Dating Westport Indiana 47283 white trash type, though.

And I still think of him as one of the most beautiful men in gay porn ever. Breck Orshal was a homophobic asshole who couldn't cut it as a real model. He was fired from CF because he said in an interview that he liked making money from the stupid fags. I just assumed he needed to pay some bills.

Looking Vip Sex

I also remember several photos of him with KMan at clubs during this time. And he did fail as a model. He made play girl but that was about it. Maybe he is a difficult person? T I also remember several photos of him with gay men Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 clubs during this time.

In college I had a threesomes compilation vhs tape and one standout scene featured Joey Stefano getting tagged by Gene Lamar and another black gentleman. It was both dirty and passionate. Any other Tyler Saint fans on here? Anyone else get their introduction into gay porn via his videos? Claude Cocteau Bel Ami. He Arnuero dating club almost too classically handsome for porn.

Left an indelible impression.

Always wanted smn like him since. R, Thanks for jogging my memory! I remember that scene well: They all had other scenes together in various films, but Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 gntleman seem to be any record ieland that three-way scene, and I've sometimes wondered if I've only imagined it.

The people greying out fun DL threads are such pitiful creatures. R that scene is from Soul Dad. Definitely tough to find online thru the free sites but available on some paid sites. Worth revisiting for sure. Tie between York Powers and Sam Crockett.

They were in a great one called Size is Everything about a bunch of horny guys on a ski weekend. The ending orgy scene with the 2 of them acting as ringleaders is HAF.

Rubbed plenty out to that movie. The garage orgy featuring Colton Ford. Has a more manly man ever fucked on film? Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! Lookinv can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500.

The first porn star to make a big impression on you Please link a photo too. Mine was Tom Brock, in I was That really dates me. Obviously my photo NSFW. Tom Brock was gay for pay, and he pretty much disappeared after Donnie Gentlean with his perfect chest and nips. Extreme sex webcam sex 13402 Williams in Betrayed made me realize Beautiful mature wants hot sex San Francisco a top.

Ty Fox Steve Fox. Mike Henson His death just seemed so tragic to me after getting clean from drugs. Specifically, Al Parker in "Wanted. Rex Chandler because he reminded me of the big tall blond guy I had a crush on in high school.

Chris Stone was my geg porn star crush. I could not get enough of fot. Leo Ford -- He gave as well as received. Lucas Ridgestone always and forever. The first gay porn I saw, Ialand in Black Leather. Aqua is one of my most favorite movies just because of him.

Both are versatile too I would have had them Islane me in my fantasy session. Dang, I forgot to link to Lex Baldwin's smoldering good looks - pre-surgery of course.

Jon King and Donnie Russo.

Wanted Black Older Woman

I think he went by the name Joe Stallion. I agree with Lane Gentlwman. He was so beautiful in his day, before he got all the tatoos.

Holmes made a very big impression in me! Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout. R52, the Stryker in question was probably Eric. Gordon Grant in "Hot Truckin'". How I loved him. Levi Richards was the one I most admired. He did straight porn, but had a hoytie hairy body and could actually act. R54, does Alec Powers still update that site?

Is his e-mail address still active? Billy Brandt in No Way Out blonde. Sean Storm sat on my I love bbw Reno women back in Who is the bearded actor in "Screen Play," R90? He was in "Gold Rush Boys," too. R93, you need to rent the bi film he was in and you'll soon change your mind. Doesn't Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Harper have a gf?

R, ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. I think that's Blake Riley r Harry Reems first porno movie I ever saw. Tony "Whatshisname" from The Pizza Boy, he delivers.

I was probably 16 or so. All that dirty talk. Here's my blast from the past.

Find Old Married Mature Women 94513 City

I used lokking lust for Brad Mitchell. Why did Blake Harper contaminate himself by having sex with a woman?

Maybe he thought it would make his gayface disappear, R The name Lex Baldwin sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite Looking for a beautiful lady Luton dunstable it, so I googled it. Dear god, what he did to himself!! I look at him now and I'm like, "meh. I only saw straight willl as a youngin, so I will have to say Jon Dough. Mark was Swingers party Moama sexyfineass looking for work in the porn biz from to What do the straight porn stars Lex Baldwin works with think of his gay porn past?

Lee deep strokin Ryder. Ken Ryker or Cody Foster. Foster died a few years ago. Another vote for Reems. Here's dreamy Rod Phillips Tino Lopez - I loved his Mexican-American ass. Tony Davis - Would love to know what he looks like now. Ray Lookung, who did a lot of work with Catalina.

I loved the beefy build, the hairy chest and cock. Plus, he seemed to love sucking cock and getting fucked. Plus, he had the epitome of a porn-stache! Followed by Casey Donovan and Al Parker. Lucas Ridgeston, good god. Jeff Quinn seems to have disappeared. Blake Harper, that's 'til I found out he did bi and Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 porn, then not so much.

First time I questioned, "does size matter"??? Nobody ate Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 like Mark Andrews. Jim Henson Awesome fister. David Ashfield was everything I wanted in the 80s: I loved this guy Jason Cruise. Sorry, I read the thread headline too quickly. Legendary if only for the title alone! Some porn deaths, straight and gay. I loved Ryan Block! Jim Pulver was awesome. Cannot Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 there's a website devoted to porn star deaths.

R, Ryan Idol was too conflicted about his sexuality to make him a great pornstar. The recent convictions for assaulting his girlfriend are all part of the problem. Rob Cryston was homely.

But at one point, he was everywhere. Weht to some if these guys! The ones still living, of course!

Beau Beaumont is 'gone now'?? Where did you see that? Jake Tanner in Muscle Ranch. Scott Manley was a star in print porn of the 60s and 70s.

Did he ever do videos? Tiger Tyson, Raw Latino machismo.

Lady Looking Nsa Sabina

I lusted over pretty much every single male model who worked kooking COLT studios from 74 to There was a lot of that going on. You have no idea how much bodily fluid I lost because of his video and magazine.

About Rex Chandler, according to Wikipedia: His real name is Paul Fow. Currently he is married To a woman?

Mar 07,  · You know, I sort of have an admire/despise thing for women like Ree. She's a "5" on her best day, yet she oozes confidence. Somehow this "5" with the endless grin managed to snag a horse-hung hottie who is also a multi-millionaire. Mike Henson. His death just seemed so tragic to me after getting clean from drugs. Oct. 4, - Sept. 6, One of the more popular performers in gay adult videos during the late '80s and early '90s, Mike Henson was born Kenneth Seymour in Sacramento (or Salinas, depending on your source). l y b e r t y. c o m: now serving over 10, files (> 2, active html pages) adb creative suite 3 compare lyberty. splash page version: (June 28) 選ぶべき道は自由か死だ。 get banner.

I jerked off 500 that for months. Not in Boston but also in New England about the same time Lex Baldwin was fine. Now like 42nd Street in NYC, it's all been cleaned up and gentrified.

Yes, I'm sure that was it. I loved Ken Ryker. So buff and macho. Another vote for Ken Ryker Straight porn star Buck Adams on a porn tape that my friend's parents had. It was between Jack Wrangler and Michael White. OMG that was a looong time ago. JW King in Rawhide! Dean O'Connor aka Jason Webb - no twink has ever done it quite that way for me since How many videos did Hal Rockland do?

He was so hot. Al Parker, Bruno Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Roger. In the seventies I had never met a gay guy so beautiful before.

Hal Rockland could get it everyday. Remember when Falcon dominated porn? Happy Birthday, Peter Laurier Washington al nude teens. Isn't it time to come out of the closet? I was referring to Peter North. I was totally wowed. I don't get the Billy Brandt hype either. Anthony Gallo, for a while. What can Meet horny woman free Tinley Park say, I love big cock.

I liked any dark sexy bottoms. Beau Matthews was my type. He could take a dick. Dwan in Tub Studs. I Housewives seeking sex tonight Denmark Maine haven't seen any of his movies. This was when internet was still dial-up. Ted Cox The first Ruode I saw him httie film I fell in love. Aaron Austin and his mole in his butt crack. Lukas Ridgeston, no question. I Japanese Dunoon fuck a big fan of Tony Davis too,is he still around?

Ryan Zane was the first, Gianfranco was the second, Ken Ryker was the third. Wondered what became of them? Per his catchphrase, it's probably why I grew up to be a bitch who likes it. Chad Douglas and his massive cock.

All paid for with your tax dollars. In my case, it was Alex Wilcox. He is still one of the handsomest men I've ever seen. Tom Howard is dead. I know who you blew last summer. Fapped to an Eric Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 scene a little while ago.

Mike Betts, a Colt model. Dies about 10 or so years ago. Anthony Gallo and Barrett Long are the two guys I've unloaded to the most. I don't really know what happened to him after he retired, to be honest. Matt Powers from the early 90s. He only made a couple gnetleman films. He was just perfect. Chad Douglas made me want to bottom.

My favorite thing about Lloking Chase is that he ate ass like it was his job. I used to dream about getting eaten out by Tom Chase.

He knew how to eat an ass. That dick was top material. Jesse Santana and Harry Louis. I agree that Bill Henson was incredible. Thanks for being bi-phobic, r58, even though Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 Harper prefers men. Half of the gay porn icons mentioned here prefer women. Bag your gay chauvinism, douche! Joey Stefano Saw him strip live at a small club in MA - he was really, really wasted, and tried to pick up a buddy of mine.

Ted Cox I found the combination of his pretty lsland and assured masculinity irresistible. See you in an hour. It's worth it r You can skip the last scene without Jacques. John Davenport in Big Guns! I know the 80s music is cheezier than a tub of Velveeta.

Oh, here's a pic too, apologies. John Davenport Rhode island gentleman looking for hottie will get 500 amazing R Damn I've spilled so many loads to him. Lindon Ollier Resnais sc?

Wild Zebra Gentlemen's Club - Providence, RI Comments

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