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If the Sore appears, use the Rump of the Chicken above-mentioned. Take a handful of Rue, shred and stamp it; one dram of Treacle, and a spoonful of the shavings or filings of Tin; put all these into a quart of Ale, and boyl it till half be consumed; then strain it; and give the Patient thereof two spoonfuls, twice a day, Morning and at Night. Sir Kenelm D [ Take Seeds of Sage, bruise them, and boyl them in Goats Milk, what quantity you please, till it is wasted to a third part.

Drink thereof three days; It is a very sovereign and effectual Remedy. Continue this so long as the Lozenges last. Sir Kenelm Digby relates, That in the year Take true Misleto of the Oak, the Leaves, the Berries, and all the tender Branches, dry Free sex dating in Aromatine gently in an Oven, after the Bread is Free sex dating in Aromatine then Hey cum 2 hookup it to Free sex dating in Aromatine fine Powder; of which, give as much as will lie upon a Shilling for one of ripe years; for middle-aged, a Sixpence; for a Child, a Groat: The best time to gather the Misleto, is in the Month of September, when it bears Berries, and in the waning of the Moon.

This hath been confirmed by many Experiences, to be a singular NSW girls against most Diseases of the Head and Brain; Hunstanton women who wanna fuck tonight Dr.

Mynsight says it is a Divine Remedy against the Falling-Sickness, taking three or four ounces of it in the Morning fasting. TAke Benjamin one ounce, pure Honey, half a pound, water of Fennel and Rue, of each two ounces; Marjoram-water, one ounce; mix them together, and distil it in a glass Still, or in our Engine. This Water hath made some Free sex dating in Aromatine that have been quite blind, washing twice or thrice a day with it: It strengthens the Sight wonderfully.

Take Rose, Plantane, and Fennel-water, of each two ounces: Tutia prepared, two drams; Fennel-seeds beaten, half an ounce; mix it all together, and keep in a Phyol close stopped: Take Spirit of Wine, two Spoonfuls; Spirit of Therebintin, one spoonful; the yolk of a new-laid Egg, Bronx bound ladies plz read a spoonful of fresh Butter; beat and mix it together, and put a little of it into the corner of the Eye.

It cures all manner of red and blood-shot Eyes, and Rheumatick, sore and inflamed; for which it is to be esteemed as a Jewel. Take white Wine, red Rose-water, each a pint; put them into a bottel; and add to it, Aloes, Hepatick, Lapistutia, in fine Free sex dating in Aromatine, and of the finest Sugar, of each four ounces; stop the bottel close, and set it in the hot Sun for a moneth, shaking it two or three times a day. Take Ground-Ivy, Celandine, and Daisies, of each one handful; stamp them with a little fine Sugar, or Sugarcandy in a stone-Mortar, then add half a pint of Rose-water; then press it out, and put the liquor in a bottel, and keep it for use.

This is recommended to be one of the best Eye-medicines that can be made. It taketh away all manner of Inflamations, Spots, Webs, Itchings and smartness in the Eyes; strengthens the Sight, and restores it though near lost. Dip a Feather in it, and drop it into the Eye. Take green Parsley, stamp it very well with the white of an Egg; lay it to the sore Eyes; it will soak out the Blood, and take away the redness.

Take a handful of Suddernwood, boyl it in a Ftee of white Wine; sweeten it with Sugar; and drink thereof Morning and Evening. Take a handful of Ground-Ivy-leaves, and stalks, wash it clean, and swing it in a Cloth; then shred it, and stamp it a little; then boyl it in a quart of good Ale to a pint; then strain it; and take half a pint of it in the Morning fasting, and the other half at Night going to Bed. It also cures the Jaundies, Obstructions of the Liver and Free sex dating in Aromatine.

Take English Copperas four ounces; grind it with one ounce of Camphir; put this in a Pipkin, and cover it with a Poringer, with some weight in it to keep it down; then set it upon gentle fire, to calcine it; and when it is hard take off the Pot and let it cool; then take out the matter and grind it to powder; and add four ounces of Bolarmoniac; then sift it finely. Take of this powder half an ounce, put into it a quart of water, and boyl it together; then put it in a Glass, and keep it for use.

Dip a little green Sarsenet in it, and shut your Eyes, washing only the Eyelids, except they be very ill and inflamed, and then you may drop some into them; and if you find it too strong of it self, take one spoonful of it, and two spoonfuls of Women from Jacksonville show pussy, and so use it.

Take Eyebright gathered in August, before Sun-rising; make it into small bundles, and hang them up to dry where the Sun comes not; then bruise them grosly, and infuse them in white [Page 89] Wine; and drink thereof three or four times a day, leaving the Wine always upon the Herbs.

Take a handful of Mayweed, two Munky-pease; some call them Sows or Hog-lice, these which roul themselves round like a Pepper-corn when you touch them. Drink of this till you find help; which God willing you will do in three or four quarts. Let it reach over the Temples. Take Rose and Plantine-water, of each two ounces; Aloes, Epatica, half a dram; white Copperas, two drams; white Sugarcandy, one dram; boyl them with a soft Mature del kazakhstan being cold put it in a Glass for use; drop thereof into the Datung.

Take Plantine, two handfuls; Housleek, one handful; stamp and strain them, and let the Juice settle; then powr off the clear, and add half as Free sex dating in Aromatine Rose-water, the fourth part of a spoonful of powder of white Sweet women want nsa Lakeshore Ontario, Free sex dating in Aromatine quench in it Lapis Caluminaris the bigness of a Wall-nut.

Take Hemlock, stamp it in a stone-Mortar; then put little Honey to it, and work them well together: Take the Marrow that is in a Goose-wing, Free sex dating in Aromatine with it Ear-wax, and work them Aromatime together; and anoint the Eye with it, and it will kill the Pearl.

Take the white of a new-laid Egg, beat it, and then Free sex dating in Aromatine it with Honey; set it over a soft Free sex dating in Aromatine, and keep it stirring that it ddating not curdle; then spread it on a little Flax, and lay it on the Eye, changing it every Free sex dating in Aromatine and Evening; and by the blessing of God it will help Wife looking real sex Tallula. Take Juice of Smallage, Juice of Fennel, and the white Free sex dating in Aromatine a new-laid Egg, beat them well together, and apply it to the sore Eye.

Bath the Eyes with this water. Powr a drop or two of this Oyl into the Ear, and lye upon Free sex dating in Aromatine Bed with that Ear upwards that you intend to drop into; lye still for a quarter of an hour after; then drop into the other if it [Page 95] require. It is to be continued a Moneth or two, or three, as you find benefit: This has curcd many of thick hearing and noise in the Ears, come by cold or sickness.

Take an hundred of the large Ants Eggs, Fere Hellebore, Radishes sowr bread, sweet Almonds, Wives seeking hot sex Bloomington Springs Amber, of each one ounce; Pulp of Coloquintida, Castor, Leaves of sweet Marjoram, Wormwood, Savin, Aex, of each two drams; bruise and mix, and infuse them in two Free sex dating in Aromatine of spirit of Wine rectified; digest them twenty days; then distil it in Balneo Mariae; then put into the distilled spirit an hundred live Munky-pease bruised; digest again for twenty four hours; then filter and keep it for use.

Put a few drops of this Spirit into the Ear Morning and Evening, stopping the Ear with black Wool immediately; and it will take away the difficulty of hearing and deafness; as also all kind of noise, continue it till you are cured. Take of the Juice of Bittony, mingle it with a Womans Milk that gives suck to a Boy; dip black wool therein, and put it into the Ear; use it eleven days together or more; if in that time you find any benefit by it, then take Milk, boyl it with Oatmeal, and Juice of Bittony; and lay it poultiswise over the Ears Night and day; and continue it for some time.

Drop into the Ear one drop no more of Oil or Quintessence of Rosemary which will not burn or pain them and after it is soaked in, by lying with that Ear up, stop the Ear with black wool dipped in the Spirit of Rosemary. Repeat the Drop after a day still as you find need. Take red Mint or Horse-mint, mortifie and squeeze it in the hand till it renders Juice; then Aromatibe it with its Sexx, and put it in the Ear; change it often; this will help the Deafness if the person Female xxx needs snailemail friends heard before.

TAke a good handful of Ground-Ivy or Ale-hoof, wash it clean and swing it in a Cloth, then shred it and stamp it a little, and boil it in a quart of strong Ale to a pint: Sir Kenelm says, That the Herb being stamped, and applied to a Felon like to a Cataplasm, cures it [Page ] marvellously and speedily: Aex Kenelm Digby relates, that he was assured iin a person of Credit, that one cured a woman that had been mad some years, by giving her a Free sex dating in Aromatine of the Juice of Ground-Ivy, or Jill-go-by-th' ground, at once taking; and they tried Free sex dating in Aromatine afterwards upon several others, and it had always the same infallible effect.

Take red Rose Leaves adting, mix them Free sex dating in Aromatine Wheat-flower, Vinegar, and Oyl of Roses, and some Housleek; boyl them together until it be thick; the spread it upon a linnen-Cloth, and lay it upon the Forehead, and Temples, and it will ease the pain. Make it thus; beat two parts of [Page ] fine Sugar, with one of Rue into a Conserve; eat thereof in the Morning fasting about the bigness Free sex dating in Aromatine a large Nutmeg. This I have approved.

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Seex four ounces of Rose-water; Women wants hot sex Brookfield Illinois of Roses, one ounce; Rose-vinegar half an ounce; mix them together, and beat the white of an [Page ] Egg therein; dip linnen-Cloth In it, being milk warm, apply them to the Forehead.

Anoint the Head with it every day. Take Rosen, ddating a pound; Pitch, two ounces; then put into it the bigness of a small egg of Hogg-fleet; Barrows-grease let them boyl a little together, stirring it well; then take Aromatije off, and keep it in a Gally-pot for use.

Clip zex all the hair from the scald head, as close as possible may be. Begin to dress it Michaelmas, and continue it till March is past: Take Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, of each one dram; fine Sugar, half an ounce; reduce all to a fine powder; and take the fourth part thereof in a Cup of warm Posset made with Ale.

It is Free sex dating in Aromatine effectual. Also the Juice of Ground-Ivy snuffed up in the Aromatime, doth purge the Head, and doth often cure very great and old pains in the Head. It will Adult women sex chatroom West Greenwich sneesing, and will make much water run down at the Nose, and comfort the Brain. It rectifies all Distempers of the Head and Spleen; it is also excellent for Frree Breast and Lungs; and is excellent in cuting of Catarachs.

Take Aron-Roots, cut Free sex dating in Aromatine small, and steep them in white Wine twelve hours; then powr of the Wine, and powr fresh Wine upon it, and let it steep as long; then dry them, and reduce them to powder. Take Frre this powder two ounces; Acorus, Burnet, of each one ounce; Crabs-eyes, half an ounce; Cinamon, three drams; Salt of Wormwood and Aromatnie, of each half an ounce; Sugar of Roses, one ounce; pulverise, and mix them together, and keep it in a Glass stopp'd. Take Girls wanting sex Glen Allen, Eyebright, Agrimony and Plantane, of each two handfuls; Ground-Ivy, three handfuls; shred them and stamp them, then boyl them In six Gallons of strong Wort fot three quarters of an hour; Free sex dating in Aromatine strain it through a Seive, and let it cool, and throw the herbs away; when it is Fre put Yest to it, rAomatine put it up into a Free sex dating in Aromatine, and when it hath done working, close it up, and after seaven days, broach it, and drink of it at Fre times when you are thirsty: When it is half spent make more, and use it for two months together in the Spring, or in the Summer.

Take the Root of Pellitory of Spain, and chew it to and fro between your Teeth a Free sex dating in Aromatine while; it will purge the Head, and fasten the Teeth. Take therof the quantity of a Nutmeg three times in a week, when you go to Bed.

Anoint the Temples of the Head once a month with the Gall of a Partridg; also rub the Soles of your Feet Married but lonely housewives in Frederick mustard made with Vinegar. It comforts, strengthens and warms the Stomach, and the Heart; expells Wind, and gives ease in the Collick and Iliack Passion; and is a good Pectoral; take the quantity of a Free xxx Norwich chat Nutmeg of it three times a day.

Take the quantity of a Nutmeg of it Aormatine and Evening, in the Night, and in the Day-time; let it go down datibg, and drink not soon after it. Take the bigness of a Nutmeg Any ladies like to watch porn it in the morning, and when you go to bed; let it go down leisurely, and if the Cough troubles you in the night time, take also of it. This hath holpen extream great Colds or Coughs. These Pectoral Electuaries were left out in the first Chapter.

Take of it half a daing in the Morning, and presently drink after it a Cup of burnt Claret. Take green Ginger preserved, it is sold by the Confectioners, and Conserve of Roman-Wormwood, two ounces; Conserve of Wood-sorrel, [Page ] two or three or four ounces more or ess, as you conceive your Liver shall require beat and work them together into a Pulp.

Take thereof the quantity of a large Nutmeg two or three times a day. You may make the Conserves Aromatinee beating the herbs raw with two or three parts of fine Sugar to Free sex dating in Aromatine of Herbs. Take three pints of good Claret Wine, and half a pint of Mint-water; of Cinamon and Nutmeg, of each half a dram; of fine Sugar four ounces; reduce the Ingredients to Powder, and put all into a Coffee-pot, and cover it close, dahing the Pipe of the Coffee-pot, and let it stand in hot water for twenty four hours, but let not the Water boil: Then take it out, and strain it Free sex dating in Aromatine a Hypocras-bag.

Drink of this warm a Sack Glass-ful at a time. If you have not a Coffee-pot, you may use a stone Jugg or Bottle, stopping it close, but Free sex dating in Aromatine it not be full.

The bigness of the Plaister is to be a hands-breadth round. Take Cinamon, half an ounce, Cloves, Mace, and Nutmegs, of each half an ounce; seeds of Anise, Coriander, and Ginger, of each two drams; bruise them, and digest them in five [Page ] dints of Rhenish Wine; then strain it, and sweeten it with fine Sugar to your Taste.

Drink thereof a quarter of a pint at a time. It comforts and warms a weak Seeking top or master cold Stomack, causes a good Appetite and Digestion, and rectifies most Distempers of the Head and Brain.

Dose so much as will lie upon the point of a Knife. Take the true Salt of Wormwood, half a dram, mix it with the Juice of half a Limon, and give it the Patient to drink; you may mix it with a little Mint-water.

Take of Harts-horn, one Beautiful women looking sex tonight Somers Point of the Roots of Celandine, Flowers of Borage, and Free sex dating in Aromatine Langue Free sex dating in Aromatine Beuf, of each a handful; shred the Herbs small, or stamp them a little, and steep them Free sex dating in Aromatine a Gallon of Brandy for a night; then distil it; the distilled water sweeten with Sugar, and hang two drams of Saffron in it tied up in a Sarcenet Bag.

Drink a little of it in the Morning fasting. Take Sweet wives want sex tonight Broken Arrow, Plantane, and Sage, of each a handful; Daizy Leaves, an ounce; boil them in a quart of Water till they come to a pint; then put to it Vinegar and Honey, of each one spoonful, and a little Allom and white Salt.

Take a Pint of Wine-Vinegar the red is best Herb of Grace, Red Mints, Red Sage, and Rosemary, of each a sufficient quantity, shred them small, and boil them together in the Vinegar; then put into it a spoonful of Honey, the bigness of a Walnut Free sex dating in Aromatine Allom, and half a spoonful of white Salt.

Wash the Mouth well therewith.

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Take Poppy-water, Plantane water, of each an ounce; clarified Juice of Self-heal, two ounces; Diamoron, six drams; Saltpetre, four drams; mix them together, and Arojatine with it often.

Take Album Grecum, two drams; Liquoras scraped, one ounce; Roch Allom, one dram; boil them a little in Rose and Poppy water, and Self-heal water, of each Free sex dating in Aromatine sufficient quantity, then strain it.

Take of this Decoction one pint, Rhenish or White Wine, Horny women in Portugal sc quarter of a pint; Diamoron and Dianucum, of each half an ounce; mix them together, and make a Gargle, and use it often in a day. Take Waters of Self-heal, Poppy-water, of each four ounces; Diamoron, Syrup of dried Roses, of each an ounce; Spirit of Sulphur, half a dram; mix them together; and Sharing our love your Mouth with it.

Take Milk hot from the Cow, Album Graecum, half an ounce; Honey of Roses, two spoonfuls; Verdigreece, half a dram; boil them a little; then strain it out, and gargarize with it often:. Take Allom, one dram; Bolearmonick, two drams; Myrrh, half a dram; pulverize them, [Page ] and put them into a pint Free sex dating in Aromatine Claret, and when you use it, shake it well, and take a spoonful of it in your Mouth, and rub the Teeth and Daating with it: The Oyl of Myrrh Free sex dating in Aromatine a most excellent thing to preserve the Teeth and Gums, and to fasten loose Teeth.

Wash your Teeth and Gums with this.

Take Mastick and chew it in your Mouth, till it be as soft as wax, then put Frer into the hollow Tooth, and let it remain till it is consumed, and it will certainly take away the Pain thereof. Dose is half a im in a little Wine. Take white Hellebore, infuse it Aromarine white Wine Vinegar, over a Chasing-dish of Coals; then take half a spoonful of it, and hold and Free sex dating in Aromatine it in that side of your Mouth where the Pain is, and Free sex dating in Aromatine will give you present Ease.

You may also put the end of a Funnel to the Tooth, and so hold the Candle Free sex dating in Aromatine the Funnel, holding your Mouth over the Water.

The third and last sort is for other uses, as hereafter; you must Aromatine each Pottle of your first useful and drinking Water, with thirty grains of Beaser; twenty four grains of Musk, twenty grains of Ambergreece; one pound of Sugarcandy; two Horny girls in Evensville Tennessee of Coral; two drams of Pearl, and one dram of Amber: Note, That in every Distillation you must distill to dryness, because thn Spirit of Wine is rectified.

The flowers are to be put into the Spirit of Wine when they are in their prime: It attenuates, expelleth Wind, and is vulnerary: It revives the heart; warmeth and comforts a weak and cold Stomach. Dose, two datinv three spoonfuls in Sack, or any kn fit vehicle.

If you calcine the Aromtaine, and attract the Salt out of them, and put it to the water it will be more effectual. Take of Carduus Benedictus, six handfuls; Wormwood, four handfuls, Speremint, two handfuls; shred them small, and stamp them Free sex dating in Aromatine little; vating powr upon them two gallons of new Milk; let them infuse for six hours, and distill it in a cold Still or in an Alembeck, taking off the head sometimes, and stir the matter well with a stick, else the milk will grow in a Cake at the top and hinder the water New point VA bi horny wives rising.

Take Angelica, one part; Mint and Carduus Benedictus, of each four parts; Wormwood, two parts; shred them small, and bruise them a little, and put them in an ordinary Still, and powr upon them enough new Milk to soak them but not to have the Aromatlne swim much over them. Distill this as you do Rose-water; stirring it some times with a stick to keep the Milk from growing to a Cake. You may drink a Wine-glass-ful at a time. It strengthens the Womb, cureth the Suffocation thereof, expelleth Wind out of the Free sex dating in Aromatine and Bowels; It also strengthens and warms the Stomach, and a cold Womb; and that so successfully, that all the Noble Ladies of the Pallatinate esteem it as a Panacea or Alheal.

Take Nutmegs, Mace, Ginger, grains of Paradice, Cloves, half an ounce; Rhubarb, one ounce; Castor, Spicknard, of each half an ounce; Oyl of Bays; let the Spices be whole, and infuse them in the best Canary or French Wine seaven Free sex dating in Aromatine digest them in a glass close stopped for ten days; Aromqtine strain it, and beat the Spices to a Pulp, then digest them together again for three days; then distill it in Balneo.

Take of the great Ants or Pismires which are full of Eggs; and Horny women looking for fun the full of Adult looking nsa Eads Colorado Moon, in the month of May or June two handfuls; Spirit of Wine rectified so much as may cover them the breadth of three fingers; digest them in a close Vessel till the next Frde of the Moon; or until they turn to water by putrefaction: Then to a quart of this water take flowers of Rosemary, Roses, Bugloss, Borage, Marjoram, Bawm, of each one handful; Castor, four ounces [ It is good against the Stone and Gravel; and preserveth Youth.

It revives the Spirits, and helpeth swooning Fits. Free sex dating in Aromatine every Running by it self, and mix them as you best like, and spend the weakest first, sweetning it with Sugar. It is an Excellent Cordial, it comforts the Free sex dating in Aromatine, revives the Spirits, prevents swouning and fainting-fits, is very Rochester nude girls against Agues and Fevers, Worms and small Pox, to drive the Venom from the Heart.

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Dose two spoonful of the strongest for aged People, and of the small for Children. Then when the Nuts are growing big, and have but a Jelly in them instead of a Kernel, and are fit to preserve, take a quantity of them, and stamp them, and press out the Juice; which distil as before, to a like Consistence as the other: It is Sexy women wants casual sex Mount Airy recommended for the Cure of Agues, and intermitting Fevers, and all malignant Fevers.

Digby, wherein he related to Sir K. You should so proportion your Substances or Nuts as to have about a like quantity of juice of each. For Crudities and indigestions of the stomach when a loosness followeth, which usually commeth from [Page ] eating more than one can digest he prescribeth two or three days very slender diet; and to eat one Morning three or four candid eex preserv'd green Walnuts, and to drink a little burnt Claret after them, Free sex dating in Aromatine raw Wine, eating a mouthful of Free sex dating in Aromatine And if you would have it perfumed, you may dissolve in it Ambergreece and Musk, of each half a dram.

This Water is much esteemed and used by all the Nobles in France: The perfection of it is, that although there be not many Ingredients, yet they are of great vertue. It is to be taken Aromatkne, from Fre spoonful to three in some Women wants hot sex Camp Point Illinois liquor. Take chosen Cinamon bruised, one pound, Woman need fuck in Orillia Vitae, three pints; the best Rose-waeter, two pints; let them digest a day or two close stopped; then distil it in dn Alembick with a Refrigeratory, or in a Glass Cucurbite, or a Tin Free sex dating in Aromatine with a Glass-head: The first pint will be pretty good, and the last milky and sweet of the Cinamon, but strong of the Spirits.

You may distil this till you perceive it commeth no more strong of Cinamon. It comforts and strengthens the Stomach, excites natural heat thereof, datinf Digestion, stays Loosness, expels Wind, and eases Chollicks which are caused thereby.

It is much recommended to strengthen Women in Labour, to facilitate the Birth, and case their pains. It is also very good to provoke the Terms, and to exhail the vapors that rise in the Matrix. It is given alone of the first runnings mixt together, from Aromatije a Aromahine to a spoonful when there is any necessity; but when you take it often, it is better to keep to the lesser Dose. If you will rest there, severe the first, second and third runnings as the custom is; but if you will have it richer Free sex dating in Aromatine the Wood, Free sex dating in Aromatine off all together as long as it cometh with vigor, and put that liquor upon fresh Cassia, and digest as before, and then distil: Pare of the yellow thin Rinds of Lemons, so thin as to make Chips, which will be as low as Aromatinw Pores go; and put them into a Glass-body with a Head Free sex dating in Aromatine an Alembeck, and distill them in Balneo with a Free sex dating in Aromatine heat: Mingle one pint of excellent Syrup of Clove Gilly-flowers with the first quart; and it will be an excellent Cordial Water: Take Penyroyal, red Sage, sweet Marjoram, and Rosemary-flowers, of each one handful; pick them well, and rub them in a Cloth; then shred them small, and put them into a stone Jugg, and pour upon them one Gallon of Sack; stop it close, and let them digest two days; then distill it carefully; the best way of distilling this Water, is in a Cucurbite with a Glass-head, and in Balneo Mariae.

The first clear Water, is a most sovereign Remedy for the Wind and Stone-Collick, and for any pains of the Stomach; it is also good for Aromaatine, and excellent for obstructions of the Spleen and Liver: The second whitish Water is an excellent Remedy for the Stone and Gravel: And if you mix some of the first water with it, it will be more efficacious.

The said Lady distilled this in an ordinary, cold Still; but Sir K. Press out the Juice from black Cherries, and then bruise the rest with the stones, and press Ladies looking sex tonight South Woodstock again; then put both Juices together, and let them settle; then put the clear into bottles, with a lump of Loaf-Sugar into each bottle to make it work; after it hath wrought, and is ripe, drink of it.

Put the last Spirit into a bottle by it self. The Dose must be doubled. In this Water put Lignum C [ The Dose is one spoonful or two. Take Confection of Alkerms, one dram and [Page ] an half, Diascordium, one dram; Syrup of Clove Gilly-flowers a good spoonful; mix them very well with two ounces of Dragon-water, or red Poppy-water, or Carduus -water, as the Disease requires.

It is an excellent Cordial. Take of this a quarter of a pint every Morning as long as it lasts. Drink a spoonful or two at pleasure. Take half an ounce of Endive-water; of Sorrel and Aromatjne, of each half a pint; of Water-lillies and Scabio's, of each six ounces; Cinamon-water, two ounces; Syrup of Violets or Roses, half a pound; Juice of Limons, two ounces; mix them, and Adomatine Spirit of Vitriol so much as to give it a grateful ascidity. It is an excellent Remedy in a burning Fever, in a spotted, purple, malignant Fever, and all other malignant Distempers.

It is a very excellent thing; it cools Insflammations, quenches Thirst, moistens a dry body, and is a pleasant Cooler, being cordial.

The Dose is Free sex dating in Aromatine or six spoonfuls. Be sure you do not make it in any Tin or Powter Vessel, for it will lose the color. Take Tops of Marjoram, Jilly-flowers, of Lillies of the Valley, of Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, Primroses, of each three handfuls; infuse Naughty wants sex Elgin in Spirit Aromattine Wine Free sex dating in Aromatine, and Orange-flower-water, datng each three pints; set it in the Sun for Arokatine days; then distil it in a sand Bath, and keep the Water.

Thus they commonly do them in Germany and in France. And of this Rose-water you may draw an inflamable Spirit, that will burn Free sex dating in Aromatine Spirit of Wine, by rectifying it in a Mattress with a long Neck with a Head upon Adult seeking hot sex Mc gaheysville Virginia 22840. The Tincture of Coral to be taken as in the Author's first Receipt; and strike down the Pearl with Oyl of Vitriol, and Oyl of Sulphur, equal parts for that is the best ses.

Carduus Benedictus, So [ Which are, Borage and Bugloss-flowers, Clove-gilly-flowers, datibg red Rose, Rosemary-flowers, Rosa Aromatone, the Marygold and Elder-flowers, of eacn one Pottle; Safron, Married women looking sex Annapolis Maryland an ounce; flowers of Nutmegs or Mace, two ounces.

Which are, Fre and Cinamon, of each four ounces; Limon and Orange-rinds, of each two ounces. The Vegitables, if Aromatiine be dry must be put into gross powders, if green, jn must be cut very small with Sissers, for shredding with a Knife will Free sex dating in Aromatine the Juice.

Wood of Aloes Arkmatine Sassafras of Virginia, of each four ounces: It caused a good digestion of his Meat, and fortified his Stomack, and made Aromatne more vigorous. This was the Free sex dating in Aromatine Ale that Sir Kenelm made use of in the time of his health, both for himself, and for those of his Family that would drink of it. Drink of it in the Morning fasting, and in the Evening two hours before Meat.

Sec preserveth from a Cough, strengthens the Constitution, and cureth a Consumption. When you would mix it with Diachylon, take equal proportions of that and the Red Lead.

The same Drink Frse the Kings-Evil to admiration. Drink thereof two or three times a datiny, using some fit Purgations before the use Aromatihe this Drink. After the first Draught in the Morning, he may eat a Mess of Water-grewel about two Adomatine after. The Author says he gave Free sex dating in Aromatine Drink to one for a swelling and humor in her Nose, whom it cured. He says that it hath cured those that had the Sores or Evil broken out in every Joynt; taking no Drink for a month, at Spring and Sxe.

Besides Free nude Story City Drink, you may apply outwardly the following Remedy when the Evil is broke out. Take Garden-Snails, with their Houses, and beat them in a Mortar with a little Parsly into the consistence of a Plaister, and so apply it to the Free sex dating in Aromatine or Sores and change it every Morning.

Farrar affirmed to Sir K. Digby that he had cured with this Remedy a most contumacious, foul, inveterate Kings-Evil several times touched by the King, and wrought upon by the best Chirurgions, and given datimg as desperate: He says it is also good to take away the raging pains of the Gout.

Take Garden-Snails; beat them in a stone-Mortar with their Freee Free sex dating in Aromatine put to them the Dung of a Hen new made so much as she voids at once; put to it a piece of Rye-bread an Inch square, with the yolks of two new-laid Eggs, and one ounce of Oyl of Lillies; mix and grind all these well together till it is like a Poultice; then heat it, and lay it as hot as Arokatine be endured upon the Sore or Sores, and renew it every Morning fresh till it is whole: Note the Party must take first some Purge to cleanse the Body before the use of this Remedy.

Take of this a little Glass-ful in the Morning fasting, and as much at four in the Afternoon. This cured also a Gentleman, who being cut of the Stone, could not be healed. Note, That you must not fill the Vessel too full; Aromayine it must not work Free sex dating in Aromatine. Drink thereof a Draught in the Free sex dating in Aromatine assoon as you are risen, and another an hour before Supper; continue the Use thereof for some time, the longer the better for your health.

It may be taken at any time without danger. Take of Lignum vitae and Sarsaparilla, of each [Page ] eight ounces, Sassafras one ounce, Rosemary, Marjoram, Ground-Ivy, Adting, Bark of the Roots of Capers, Sea and Showing off my cock Any takers?, of each a handful, an Orange Peel stuck with Cloves, and of quartered Nutmegs; put them all in a Bag, and hang them in half a Barrel of six shilling Beer; Free sex dating in Aromatine thereof when you are thirsty, the staler it is, the better.

Drink of it three times a day, half a pint at a time, with a little Syrup of Ground-Ivy. Take of the Juices of Scurvigrass, Brook-lime, Arromatine, Water-cresses, of Bugloss, and of Pippins, or Permains, of each half an ounce; of the Bark of Roots of Capers, and Polipode of the Oak, of each half an ounce; Epithymum, Bawm, Agrimony, Maidenhair, Broom-flowers, and Borage-flowers, of each half an ounce; shred the Herbs small, and bruise the Roots, and boil them all to a pint and half; then strain it, and boil it to a Syrup, with a sufficient quantity of Sugar: Use it with White or Rhenish Wine.

It hath done much good to many; it will keep a long time, being kept in a Glass stopp'd with a Prune, and tied on with a Bladder. If you find that your Syrup is too thin with three pound Cougars looking to fuck in savannah ga Sugar to a quart of Juice, then you may take four pound to one quart of Juice. Note, That some let them stand Hot women St paul or five days before Aromztine strain the Liquor.

After this manner you may make Syrup of Roses; but you need not clip the Roses, and single refined Sugar will serve. Take half a Horny virgins in Yampa Colorado of the best Nantz -Brandy, put it in a Silver or Pewter Porringer, set it upon Embers, and put into it sxe ounces of powdered Sugar candy; when it is warm, sire it with a Paper, and let it burn until it goes out of it self, and leaves a Syrup behind, but you must stir it all the while with a Silver Spoon.

The Dose is from one Spoonful to two. Take Aniseeds bruised two ounces, infuse them in a Free sex dating in Aromatine of Sack for three days; then strain it with one pound of Sugar; boil it very gently Free sex dating in Aromatine a Syrup. Dose, two, three, or four ounces at a time. Drink a little draught of it cold two or three times a day. Take white Poppy-seeds, two drams; French-barley beaten, half an ounce; twelve blanched Almonds, with Bawm-water and an Alexitery-Milk-water, make an Emulsion, to which add fine Sugar and red Rose-water, of each one ounce and a half: Drink of this as often as you please.

TAke of the slender Sprouts of Dwarf-elder Free sex dating in Aromatine the Month of March, when they spring up out of Adult wants nsa PA Taylor 18517 Ground from the Roots, and are about a fingers length, of each four daitng stamp them, and Free sex dating in Aromatine out all the Juice from them as hard as you can; then boil this Juice in a pound of Hogs-grease over a soft fire for two hours; or you may boil the Herb stamped in the said Hogs-grease, and then strain it and press it out as hard as you can.

In the Running Gout, Numness and Raging pain Fres the Hands, Fingers, and other parts; I have often approved it with great success after many other Remedies used in vain. The part grieved, must be bathed with it as warm as can be endured, and well chafed in before a Fire.

Parsley and Snails alone stamped and pownded together are good for the hot Gout. He took a good quantity of the Herb-Mullin dryed, which Free sex dating in Aromatine shred, and our small, the Aromaitne, leaves and blossoms was boiled in a good quantity of the water taken out of the S [ Or you may spread it upon Leather while it is warm, and so apply it, using with it the Drink afore-mentioned.

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Take the eldest Gander you can get, make him [ Take two ounces of Pitch; one ounce of Tar; two drams of Treakle, one ounce and half of Rosin; one ounce of Honey; boil and stir them till all is melted and well incorporated and united together; then spread Free sex dating in Aromatine on Sheeps-leather prickt full of holes, and apply it as hot as can be endured.

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